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About The Event

The chalk art festival will be held on June 25th, 2022 starting in Porter Park, Rexburg, Idaho. The festival will include a competitive category (artwork will be judged by a panel of three moderators) as well as a non-competitive category. Artists must submit an example of their artwork. On the day of the competition, all participants will have 8 hours to complete their compositions in their squares between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Judging will commence at 5:00 PM and awards announced at 6:00 PM. Additional details about the categories can be found below. In addition to registration fees, artists are encouraged to find sponsors for their individual works. Artists are responsible for their own chalk and general art supplies, so please plan accordingly!


Amateur Square: For those who want to try their hand in the medium of chalk art without participating competitively, this is your opportunity. You will be assigned a 5x5 foot square and won't need to worry about being judged competitively. The price for this square is $25 dollars after your proposal is accepted.

Competitive Square: For professional chalk artists and those who want to take their chalk art to the next level, we welcome you to compete in our event! Competitive squares will be 6x6 sq. ft. Artists in the competitive category will compete for a chance to win in one of our six competitive categories or win best overall and be featured on our website and social media. Upon approval of your submission. the registration fee is $100.

Categories to Win